Special Exhibition


Exhibition Introduction


「臺北記憶倉庫」(Taipei Info Hub)原為「三井物產株式會社舊倉庫」,是日本時代三井集團所興建,作為囤放物資的空間。集團在臺經營茶、樟腦、木材等物產資源的貿易,足跡遍及新店、三峽、大溪等山林區域。其中臺灣「紅茶」產業於國際市場的推展,更與三井集團在太臺的事業有密切的關係。
臺灣紅茶文化興盛於日本時期,當時國際市場對紅茶的需求日益增加,臺灣總督府也希望能改變臺灣烏龍茶、包種茶市場由外國洋行與臺灣茶商主導的情形,遂在臺扶植「三井財團」引進紅茶栽種。為了提升茶葉品質、對外銷售,三井在臺灣北部大規模興建現代化的製茶工廠,添購相關機械設備。日後,廣受好評的三井製紅茶,不僅輸出到全球各地,甚至發展出聞名國際的品牌「日東紅茶(Nittoh Black Tea)」。


The Domain of Tea: Opening the Black Box of Black Tea

Taipei Info Hub used to be the Mitsui Warehouse, a storage built by Mitsui Group in the Period of Japanese Rule. Mitsui Group operated in Xindian, Sanxia and Daxi areas in Northern Taiwan, engaging in trades of agricultural products and natural resources such as tea, camphor and woods. Among them, the international campaign for Taiwan black tea was highly relevant to the Group’s business development in Taiwan.

 Taiwan’s black tea culture started to prosper in the Period of Japanese Rule for some good reasons. Back then, the demands for black tea incrementally grow in the international market, and the Japanese government wanted to reverse the dominance of Western and local merchants in Taiwan’s tea market which mainly dealt in Oolong and Pouchong tea. As a result, the Japanese government supported the founding of Mitsui Group in Taiwan to introduce black tea production to this island.

 To enhance the quality of black tea and sell it to the international market, Mitsui Group built a host of modern tea factories in Northern Taiwan and imported many tea processing machines to modernise black tea production in Taiwan. Mitsui black tea has since then been selling to the world, and the company even developed a well-known tea brand called Nittoh Black Tea to market it.

 This special exhibition first explores how the old Mitsui Group introduced and produced Assam black tea in Taiwan. Tracing the river basins, the exhibition then combs through the history of black tea production in Taiwan and connects Mitsui tea factories with its peripheral areas to reveal how they were relevant to Taiwan’s black tea culture.






展出地點|臺北記憶倉庫 二樓展區