Past Special Exhibition


Exhibition Introduction







The special exhibition on the second floor of the Taipei  Info Hub looks forward to turning the warehouse into a “living time capsule.” From the water in everyone’s life, I think about how the mountains and rivers resources in the early years led to the rise of Taipei. From the colonial period, after the war to the present, various ethnic groups came and went, fighting for survival and writing the history of the great river basin belonging to northern Taiwan.
This special exhibition of “Memory of the Stream” starts from “water” and brings out the close relationship between the environment of mountains and rivers and the development of Taipei City settlement: whether it is irrigation, drinking, transportation, power generation and other functions, they are all tied to our lives.

The exhibition describes the interaction between Japanese, indigenous people and Han people, and outlines a multi-ethnic perspective and diverse viewpoints. The mountains and rivers that attracted Japan to reproduce in Taiwan are also home to the aborigines. The overall planning of the exhibition space takes the “Kuishan Power Plant” building as the main axis image, allowing visitors to understand the architectural elements of Taiwan’s No. 1 Hydropower Plant, and through the use of electricity at that time, the changes brought to different groups are based on contemporary The perspective puts forward the perspectives of “light” and “darkness”, expecting viewers to have the opportunity to think about the existence of light and darkness, whether it is the modern life that electricity brings light to the city and the modern life of leisure and entertainment; The existing living space of the aboriginal people in the shrunken forests, and the change in culture, all happened at the same time.

When urban life becomes more convenient and independent, it is also forgotten to connect with the land. The Taipei Memory Warehouse in 2020 looks forward to awakening the connection between man and nature, and rethinking the future of mountains, rivers, ethnic groups and cities.

Advised by: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
Organized by: Vision Union

Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 to 21:00 pm (closed on Monday)
Fees: Free