A Dialogue Between Generations





策展人:國立臺北科技大學建築系 張崑振


Mitsui Warehouse is a red brick building constructed in the early Taisho era (1913 – 1914). Although the warehouse building is no longer on the original site, the adjacent city road (the north side three-lane road) and the base environment (north city wall) have not disappeared. Today’s Zhongxiao West Road still keeps the feature of the orientation with 13-degree axis deviation.

The chronological target of this exhibition is to recreate the historical imagery of Mitsui Warehouse constructed in 1913, including Beimen, Taipei Station, Beimen Station, Taipei Factory, Futai Street Mansion, Post Office and other buildings, in order to guide the audience to enter the history in those days, and hope to connect with the existed surrounding cultural assets. Through the dialogue between 1913 and contemporary, as well as 13-degree and Zhongxiao West Road, and the overlap of historical spatial map and historical time attempt to bring out the continuity of historical changes.

The venue design of this special exhibition used the technique of displaying the authenticity of historical documents and tries to present the diversity of historical time and space in Mitsui Warehouse through the unique self-evidence of the documents and the on-site dialogues with the visitors.

Curator: Zhang Kunzhen, Department of Architecture, National Taipei University of Technology

Exhibition time: November 01, 2018 to June 30, 2019